Snake Bite Racing

Broken Dreams

First mountain bike race in a while ends in epic comedic tragedy.

I was happy to find out that the Ohio Power Series would be having some MTB races before I leave the country for a year. I signed up for the Austin Badger XC men's 40+ sport division hoping to have a nice race. Unfortunatey about a mile and a half into the race I felt an uncomfortable snap under me from my bike. The snap was an immediate soft feeling from my seat. After I hopped off the bike to check it out I was unpleasantly surprised to find that my carbon fiber seat post had broken at the seatpost clamp. I hadn't finished a single lap and I was already going to be out of the race was not what I wanted right then. I decided that I would at least try to finish the lap out and quit. I got back on the bike and rode standing up on the pedals (highly uncomfortable) for another quarter mile until I decided to try and temporarily fix the seat post. I broke it off and stuffed the good portion back into the frame. It was somewhat significantly shorted than ideal at this point but at least I could sit down. I finished the first lap and decided that I would try to do at least one more lap which is what the beginners were doing. The second lap wasn't too bad but the discomfort from having your legs bent awkwardly was enough for me to call it and not try for another two laps. All in all I did have fun but some times things just happen that you can't control.


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