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Terrible Swin, OK bike, and moderate unterrible run

My summary of a cold swim, wet bike ride, and muddy-ish run all in a single triathlon.

The weather was not warm but not cold either. When we arrived it was not raining. I also did not have a wet suit, not that I think it would have made a differnce. I was in the early wave of 40 plus men for the swim but I think that I got passed by every group behind me. This was only my second triathlon and the water was far colder than the first one I did last year when the sun was shining the termperature was in the 70's or 80's. I had a hard time getting into a rhythm for the swim and was never particularly comfortable. So I generally just struggled through it until the end and I was happy to be done.

I got out of the water in good time and was able to get into my bike shoes and helmet in a reasonable time. Of course shortly after getting onto the course it started raining. It wasn't too cold and there wasn't a lot of rain so I put my head down and pedaled. I made up a bit of time that I lost on the swim but the rain and the little wind that there was did drag me down over time. I got back in with a 37 min bike ride and made a moderately smooth transition to the run.

The run started out slow as I didn't want to push to hard right after the bike. however after the first mile I started to get into a better rhythm and pushed my pace a little faster to get a time of 27 min.

Overall it was not the worst but I need to continue to work on my comfort in the open water swim.

Once caveat is that I have been sick the last couple of weeks which kept me from getting much time in the pool, or on the bike or running.

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