Snake Bite Racing

Maumee Bay Sprint Triathlon

June 16, 2019 - This race went okay for me. I used a long sleeved wetsuit for the first time ever in competition outside of the one time I tried it years ago at the Cleveland Triathlon and had to take the wetsuit off at the first bouey because it was too restrictive. I don't know my splits. It rained the entire time and the water temperatiure was 68 degrees. This was a drastic change from the normal very hot weekend with May flies every where that usually coincides with this event.

 Rebecca and I shared a room.  We arrived in time to pick up our race numbers on Satursday, which was nice.  We ate dinner at the state lodge and then headed off to Sleep Inn Suites.  I like this particular hotel because it is located close to a Meijers which has a huge big box store.  Before the race I laid out a bunch of clothes thinking I might want to wear them for the bike portion of the race.  In the end, I didn't add a shirt for the bike and wasn't cold.  I didn't use my tri bike because I was afraid of biking on it in wet conditions.  The bike portion went well.  I put a shoe insert in my left shoe and after a while, my right hip was starting to boher me.  within the last 0.25 mile, I took the shoe insert out of my shoe and my hip discomfort went away almost immediately.  I think my time was good enough for 1sr or 2nd.  There was a nother female ahead of me, but she may have been in teh duathlon; I don't know yet.  My time was a few minutes off of last year's mark, but my right knee has been bothering me more than last year.

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