Snake Bite Racing

Final leg TTT

June 07, 2019 -

 woke up very uncertain of my pacing over the previous two days. A bit of soreness, a bit of fatigue. Approached the swim easy and comfortable, and the muscles actually started to loosen up a bit. Swim pace was on par with the previous two days Olympic swims. Similar situation on the bike. The first climb out of transition was mentally tough, but after 15 min, I felt pretty great and was cruising along. Dropped 2 bottles of nutrition, but luckily was able to grab some Infinite at the aid stations which worked great. Ended up with the fastest bike split of the day ??. Came off the bike in 2nd overall, and about a minute behind the leader. I thought I might have a shot to run him down, but the lost bike nutrition caught up with me about mile 9 and my pace fell off a bit. I held on to the second place spot, and moved into second overall for the weekend.

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