Snake Bite Racing

EOTT - May 19, 2019

I rode the day before this event from Sweet Water Marina in the pouring rain with Mark Brandt. He really galvinized my training by my trying to keep up with him.

 IT was much hotter on race day than it had been in my pre-race training.  For TT events; I've always raced the fastest when I rode hard the day before.  I think it has to do with conditioning the muscles to go faster than normal.  I trusted my judgement and did not wear an aero helmet today which proved to be the right move in this heat.  i carried a full bottle of water from which I drank a couple of sips.  So, all in all, I'm glad that I won, would love to break the 24 MPH barrier like i did in my first EOTT.  There was a strong headwind in both directions; so overall, I'm satisfied with this result.  I don't regret not ever purchasing a trainer or a power meter.

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