Snake Bite Racing

St. Patrick's Day World Record Run

March 19, 2019 - Won the race (sort of) and set a world record for "largest kilt run"

I wasn't really planning on racing this 5k. I was going to run with my sister while pushing my niece in a stroller, but my my niece got sick the night before and they had to bail. In the morning, I decided to run downtown to the race start (6.5 miles) for some extra milage since Sundays are usually my long run. Once I got to the start, adrenaline took over, and I decided I couldn't NOT race. I went out comfortably hard, and was quickly in 3rd position within a few hundred meters. I was gaining on the guy in front of me and overtook around the one mile marker. From here I just kept a difficult, but sustainable effort to the finish. So, I crossed the line 2nd over all (17:28), but the runner who crossed first wasn't registered for the race (nor did he wear a kilt!), so I was awarded first place overall finisher. In full disclosure, there were two other runners who posted faster chip times than me, but they must have been started further back from the starting line, so their gun times were slower. All in all, this was a fun race. 17:28 isn't my best 5k time, but it IS my best 5k time running in a kilt!

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