Snake Bite Racing

As the Crane Flies

The Fall Running Series consists of weekly, fun-themed, running races, appropriate for all running abilities on weeknights during the month of October. Always enjoyable events and a great time of the year to run and make new friends on the trails! Participation in the Fall Running Series includes some awesome swag items, series finisher medal, and 5 high energy events with a twist. You don’t have to be the fastest to win!

This weeks theme, or country visited, was Japan.  Before we could start the run, while the clock was running, we had to make an oragami crane.  There were instructions and Jim was doing demos prior to the start.  If you couldn't get your crane complete under 12 minutes you could start the run....behind those that completed the crane.

I finished my crane at 11 minutes.  I caught some people on the trails.  We also had to climb the Sound of Music hill where we grabbed a crane with chopsticks and ran to the finish. 

A great time with many friends.

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