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Teaming up for some Fun

Royalview Rumble is a trail run and mountain bike race at Royalview MTB Trail in the Cleveland Metroparks.

Gwen Davis had asked me to be the runner of a co-ed relay team at this years Rumble.  I had some time available and I couldn't say no to Gwen.

The run was 4 miles on the Red loop.  I tagged off to Gwen and she rode the Yellow Loop and part of the Red. 

I had a nice warmup of about 3 miles before the race started.  As we went from the road to the trail I was trailing behind Nate Loman who was setting a really good pace.  The trails didn't have that much elevation gain so I tried to hang with him and go anerobic.  Mike Schafer was hanging on behind me as we were laying down 8/min miles.

I tagged Gwen and waiting for our competition to arrive.  Nancy Desmond ran and tagged Jeff Kompa to start the bike.  Jeff was 8 minutes behind Gwen.  I wasn't sure if Jeff would catch her or not. 

At the finish Gwen help Jeff off and crossed the line 11 seconds before him. 

We took first in the co-ed division.

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