Snake Bite Racing

Mexico in the valley?

WRR is bringing themed races to the Tuesday trail series. The theme for this race was Mexico and included beans and eating insects (sort of) Tuesday it's Japan and chop sticks. This race was shorter, around 5k, with some sprinkles and a mostly flat course. Finished 72/194...

An interesting twist on racing...WRR is bringing themed races to the Tuesday trail series.  This race included bean seperating (the precursor to bean counting) and munching on crisps made from insect flour.  

In the beans portion of the race, we required to pick up a cup of mixed beans and sepearate them by type into dixie cups before we could continue.  The bean counting cost me 4 minutes overall (everyone else seemed to fly in and out of this stop so I'm convinced that my cup had more beans (a deep state conspiracy!).  Then, with the finish line in site, we were given the choice to eat a chip made with insect based flour (crickets?) or running an extra 0.75 miles if we chose not to.  Pity the poor vegans. 

All in all a fun race under the threat of rain.  Next Tuesday it's a visit to Japan at Kendall Lake.  Looks like it'll be shushi (a.k.a. bait).  Chop sticks provided apparently.

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