Snake Bite Racing

Facing Self Doubt

Had never run a marathon before attempting an ultra distance.

 Dave and I saw the poster for this race at Olde Girdled Grit in February and were talking about it even then.  12 hours?  I remember saying "what's the stupidest race I can do this year."  But I have been traveling a lot for work, and wasn't able to ride my bike consistenly leading to a shift in racing to primarily trail running.  Bluff started to sound like a good idea. 50k started to sound like a good idea.  And the more I prepped for this race, the more I thought it was definitely a good idea.  This probably is more indicative of my general stress level due to outside factors than anything.  We got the type of weather that you would order for a race like this, cool, but clear, with a nice breeze coming on in the afternoon.  The event attracted primarily 12 hour participants, each with their own goals who did their own thing for hours until the goal was achieved.  Dave and I followed the advice of Emily Collins, who specializes in events like this, and found that it worked really well.  I had a lot of fun doing this, and would definitely do it again.  Who knows, maybe we'll shoot for 50 miles next time.  


Well done Kelly, you rocked it. 50 miles, YES!! :-)