Snake Bite Racing

Gold Coast Australia

This race was draft legal and I was a little anxious since I know firsthand that drafting in cycling is always frought with risk and near-accidents. Fortunately, for me I came out unscathed and avoided a near collision with a protruding concrete island at a cross walk. I noticed this in the bike familiarization and was somewhat annoyed to find myself headed directly for it. Without really looking to see if people were to my right; I yelled, "I need to get in to the right and slid over." I wound up in a draft pace line which I did more than my fair share to pull and ended drafting comfortably behind a USA team mate from a previous AG and 2 Australians. I lost the 2 Australians on the run and surmise that they ran much faster; but I cannot say for sure because I don't remember their would think after riding at least half the course with them; I would recall.

 This was my 5th world championship in a row, competing on TEAM USA in triathlon.  It is my 7th total # of world championships.  I did the 2012 and 2014 Duathlon World Championship.  I skipped a Duathlon world championship that was in Australia, but I"m not sure why other than it fell too close to the tri world championship.  

I shared a 3 bedroom apartment at 3 Hanlan street which was located next door to the Novotel, the host hotel.  I did lots of sightseeing while I was there including whale watching aboard a Sea World sponsored whale-watching boat.  I also went to the Currumbin sanctuary and had my picture taken while holdign a Koala bear.  

I went straight from the Brisbane airport to Carrumbin Cyclery to have my bicyclle assemebled.  I road the bike course at least twice to familiarize myself with it.  For some reason, the team meeting, swim familiarization, packet pick-up, Team photo, parade of nations, and opening ceremony were all held on Wednesday before my race.   Fortunately, I didn't have an early morning start and was able to eat one very early brakfast and one a little later.  My race start time was 11:30 AM and I didn't want to get hungry.

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