Snake Bite Racing

cool day for racing

I felt strong throughout the race.

 Today, the swim was uncharacteristically longer than usual and once again; the waves were a little rough, but not ridiculous.  I felt excellent on the bike.  I drove up the day of the race.  I was wearing comrpession socks and applied my chip over them.  I intended to reapply the chip after I removed my socks and running shoes; but somehow n the midst of trying to super-organized and also capture the moment with photos; I forgot to put the chip on for the swim.  When I looked down at my leg right as I ran into T1; I realized that my chip was not on.  It was sitting by my stuff write at my bike; so I quickly applied it.  I know that I started in the 2nd wave of swimmers so I told the timing person that I started about 6 seconds behind Dana Blasey which is roughly accurate.  I had  a solid race; though my run is still slow.  I'm happy with the overall time and hope it's not more that 6 seconds off.

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