Snake Bite Racing

Sprint Triathlon becomes a Super-Sprint Duathlon

At 7 AM, there was a special announcement detailing that he currents were dangerous and the event had been converted from a triathlon to a run bike run event.

 My first run was decent and I ran the 2.7k loop in about 11:40, as i recall.  I held my own the bike.  There was a wave of 60 year olds in front of me that I enjoyed passing throughout the bike course.  On the second run; I was a little slow in transition, I think since i still have never adapted to clipping out and running barefoot.  Anyways, the second run proved to be an unfortunately slow effort.  I ran 13 minutes even for the 2.7 k course and I think I dropped form 12th to 23rd place during that leg.  I  am glad I still did in the top 25% finishing 23/98.

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