Snake Bite Racing

Letdown on Day 2

Biked too slow, but ran well.

 Day 2 at #USATAGNATS. If I was going to travel all the way from D.C. I figured why not race both. In retrospect, one reason would be: it's hard to be up mentally two days in a row. A second reason would be: it's for to cheer for friends. A third reason would be: they cancelled the swim.  Regardless, I thought I was ready for a second day of racing. Even after the riptide fiasco, I thought I was prepared, since the lack of swim probably worked to my advantage. As I look back at the results though, I see that I slacked off on the second half of the bike. I guess I just lost my concentration. Also, the course was more narrow than the day before and a few times I was caught in the situation where it was hard to pass, but I knew there was a USAT offical right behind me, so I had to back off not to get a drafting penalty. What I should have done was passed and let the guy behind me deal with it, but I opted to back off, and that hurt. Never again. Still I ran well, and was very happy about that. Still fun to be out there and racing with friends. Thanks again to everyone who helped make it a great weekend. Congratulations to all, and especially those who qualified for worlds, or otherwise met their goals!

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