Snake Bite Racing

Great Competition, Good Times

Happy with the result on a tough day.

 First of all, it was so great to be back in Cleveland with all my old friends, old SBR teammates, and new SBR teammates too!  Thanks for welcoming me back. The race itself was tough for a couple of reasons.  First, the start time wasn't until ~9:30 a.m., meaning the finish was after noon.  That's a hot time of day to be running a 10k in August in Cleveland.  Second, the wind has picked up by start time, and the lake was particularly choppy.  On the way out to the first turn buoy, I wondered if I was ever going to make it.  After the turn the waves were breaking on top of me, which made getting a breath difficult.  It wasn't until I turned toward shore and could sight off the Battery Park tower that things finally let up.  That said, it was relatively one of my better swims, so I was happy about that. [Side note: we all feel so bad for the man who drowned that day.  The same thing happened in Burlington, VT, at AG Nats a few years ago. :( ] The bike was difficult at first going uphill, but after a few miles I got into it.  The lanes were really wide (other than on the shoreway) and mostly well maintained too, so that there was not much worry about having room to pass.  I wish there had been a few more officals on the course.  I didn't see any.  You can't have that in a 4000-person race.  The run proved tough because it was so hot.  Also because there were three good hills per lap.  I knew I wasn't going fast, but at the same time, I guessed no one else was either.  A race like this is a great chance to get a good score for the year-end ranking, so I just kept pushing.  In the end, it was probably my second best finish in nationals after Milwaukee a few years back, so I deem it a success.  Undoubtedly, one of the factors that helped was having all the SBR volunteers cheering from the sideline.  I'm so impressed with all the Clevelanders who opted to volunteer rather than race to make the event special for everyone else.  Thanks so much!!!

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