Snake Bite Racing

Race Party of the Year!

A solid 15th place finish out of 40 for team Burning Legs with a time of 19:32:28.

What a beautiful day for a 100 mile team trail race!

I ran Leg 8, the final section to the finish line in the dead of night. I started about 11:45pm from Botzum Road parking lot, and then it was off to the races on the Towpath for the first half of my run. This section is fast, and I ran in the low 9's until starting into the Memorial Parkway, and Up, Up, Up the red brick road. From here it's up and down until you get to Chuckery Metro Park, and then you climb a very steep section until you level off up top. This section is grass and dirt with rolling area's until the steps. Yes, up again! Finally you spit out onto Front Street, and then its a long steady run up all the way to the finish line. Yeah!!! Done!

Post race cheesesteak sandwich from the food truck at HiHo Brewery, and a beer of course!

Other Snakebite members on Team Burning Legs: Kelly Baker and Angie Ridgel

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