Snake Bite Racing

My Favorite Race

Perfect weather for the most fun race of the year.

 We had two new people join Team Burning Legs this year and Lisa and Kevin killed it!  Teresa, Angie, and Pam rolled through their legs maintaining our ahead-of-schedule pace for me to go out at 6:30.  I had a really good run, felt great, pace was good, until about the last mile.  Then...really nauseous and felt certain that I might actually throw up.  I did not do anything different, was hydrated, and can't really figure out what was the cause other than this past week was difficult at work and there was a lot of pre-fatigue and disordered eating associated with travel going in.  Still, it was great to see Julie come in at Botzum after our handoff and Dave come flying in for the finish at HiHo Brewing.  This is one of my very favorite events, so I look forward to 2019.

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