Snake Bite Racing

Men 45-49 Individual Sprint

My First Sprint Tournament, A Good Learning Experience at Valley Preferred Cycling Center (Lehigh Valley Velodrome), Trexlertown, PA

 The first round of the Individual Sprint is a flying 200m time trial to determine who will compete in the head to head rounds and what the seeding will be. We had 13 competitors. 12 would make it to the next round. My time of 13.23 seconds was quite a bit better than my previous best at Cleveland Velodrome (13.95) and the 12th best time (whew!) I made it to the next round, but then had to match sprint against the guy with the best time. That didn't go so well. Neither did the next two my 12th best TT turned into 12th place when it was all done, but my technique improved through the day as far as positioning on the track. I had some bad luck in having to lead the first lap in all three of my races against people, but that allowed me to learn about riding from the front. (One rider has to lead for the first lap and that is decided by lot. I drew the #1 golf ball every time!) Had great support and instruction from coach John Forbes of Wenzel Coaching, who I met in person for the first time.

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