Snake Bite Racing

Fun Format

Is it still a triathlon if it comes in five parts?

It's always fun to mix things up.  This sprint race does so by dividing the swim and run in half. So the format is, swim, run, bike, run swim. It's also interesting to finish with the swim. In the ocean no less. I really enjoyed the different format, especially since it was ghastly hot and humid, even at 7 a.m.  Making the run only 1.55 miles each time was a godsend. It was even slightly downhill on the second go around. Another odd part was the double transition area. For the final transition (T4), I took my shoes off before I got to the beach so it would be easier to run. One benefit of that is that I could run straight through the area without stopping at all, giving me the 10th fastest of 151 T4's. :) 

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