Snake Bite Racing

Velodrome Race #3 - Cat 3/4

Track Racing on a Hot Day

Finished 3rd of 6 in the omnium: 4th in Scratch, 2nd in Miss n Out and 3rd in the Points race.

Kicking myself a little for not contesting the final sprint in the Miss n Out. I was pretty fried, but the winner should have been fried too because he was on the front for several laps.

The points race was 30 laps and had sprints every 10, with "snowball" scoring (2nd sprint worth 2x the first and 3rd worth 3x.) I benfitted greatly from a re-start after one rider crashed with five laps to go. Instead of being a half lap behind I was able to re-start with everyone and score 3 points with 4th in the final sprint. - Probably the worst thing that could happen in a snowball race, but it worked for me! :)

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