Snake Bite Racing

Only adult woman racing

Josh and I went to a fun community track meet. 4 or 5 adults raced, a bunch of teenagers, and dozens of little kids. I was the only adult woman, so I suppose I won my races.

 This was the running equivalent of a cycling track race, but without the omnium. After watching the kids do hurdles (so cute to see 1 year olds running 50 m hurdles!) And sprints, jumps and throws, the adults got to run. Wee missed or chance for long jump because we were recovering between races. I also kind of wanted to try high jump but didn't clearly for into the kids field or the college varsity jumpers field... I've never high jumped in my life. Anyway, we ran in the 'competitive' 100, 200, and 800 as well as the 'joggers mile', where you try to run a particular pace without a watch. It was really hard and very tiring. A 400, 4x100, and 3k finished out the night but with early rising kids, we couldn't stick around any longer. I think I am coming to the conclusion that my low volume high intensity training plan really isn't meeting my needs. Certainly my running speeds are very slow compared to what I have done in the past.  In any case, I need to decide what to do about the rest of the season. 

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