Snake Bite Racing

Akron Race Series!

This race is the first of three in the Akron Series, which includes the Goodyear 10K , and the Akron Marathon.

 Me and about 2000 others runners took to the starting line in what was going to be a very hot & humid start. This is a great and fast race, but it doesn't start unitl 8:30am, which in the Summer is way too late!

The first three miles went well holding just at or under a 9 minute mile, then at mile four is the long hot uphill in full sun, OUCH!! The pace slowed up from there, and the fifth mile wasn't too bad as you finally hit some shade on your way into the stadium finishline.

As mainly a trail runner, I find these fast 5, 8 & 0K good speed work. 

I love this series/race, and wil be back next year for the fifth time!

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