Snake Bite Racing

Stuck racing with the 4/5 men

Ella and I were the b field in Saturday night. All women were combined with appropriate men's fields rather than having our own field. Although it probably made the races more interesting, I think we prefer racing in our own field.

 I got killed on the scratch race. I helped Josh to block Ella a bit in the miss and out race. I also am better at that and so I wasn't dead last. I got totally destroyed on the points race. We need more women who aren't in crazy good shape to come out. I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I don't think I'm actually a better triathlete than cyclist, just that triathlons have a lot more average women coming out to do them. What can we do to increase the turnout of average people to cycling races? Triathlons are a much bigger hassle to do and a lot more expensive... It just seems like a cycling marketing problem.


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