Snake Bite Racing

My pathetic running is less pathetic than other 35-39 year olds

I won my age group, even though my run time was awful. Everything else was good. It was fun to feel cool wearing a wetsuit and using a borrowed tt bike.

 It was really really hot today for the race. High 80s with no shade at all. 

The swim lessons went well. It was my first time in my wetsuit. My time was slower than last year at vermilion, but I know it's hard to directly compare swim times. I'm a little surprised given that I had a wetsuit and have actually been training for swimming. In any case, I am guessing next time I swim in a wetsuit it will feel more comfortable. 3/9 for my age group. 

T1 was good. Only a few seconds slower than my last trip, and no wetsuit to deal with them. I ranked quite well for this. I don't even have fancy shoes to have in my pedals already, just regular road shoes. 1/9 for field.

Bike ride went well. Two women passed me and I passed a bunch. 2/9 for field. 

T2 was fast. I made the new elastic laces in my light weight shoes too long, so minor messagi around there. 1/9 for field.

Run was miserable. And I got blisters (but didn't notice until later). Thank goodness for all the and stations and chance to dump water on my head. Shockingly, I was the fastest in the field with a nearly 30 min time. 1/9 for field.

I am very happy with my win and 9th place finish. The run cost me a higher finish for the field as a whole. My bike was my best relative placement for the overall category. 

I wish triathlons didn't cost so much and weren't so far away as I am clearly better at them than I am at cycling (especially compared to criteriums). I may do the Cleveland tri next month.

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