Snake Bite Racing

Sprint Triathlon Maumee - Sans Midges this year.

This is one of my favorite races of the year. It was great doing my first tri of the season and my first one since i locked handlebars in Sarasota last October in a Draft Legal 2nd chance Qualifier. I'm inspired to sign up for Sprint nationals.

 This race is always a hot course and having done this race for literally 20 years, now. I can say this is one of the few times; that I have the luxury of  driving to the event w/ air conditioning since purchasing a new Subaru in 2017.  As I like to say, "It's not about the bike, it's about the car."  The last time I did the race in 2016, I remember stopping to cool off in the alcohol coolers and for ice cream.  This year, the race went essentially as planned - wore a wet suit ( was swimming neck and neck w/ 1-2 other girls.)  It usually takes me twice as long to get to the race as it should. This year I was delayed filling up my rear passenger wheel with air.  I had to go to 2 gas stations and ultimately was assisted with the air pump at Conrad's which has "free air" (at the Amherst) exit off the toll road.  the only downside was this meant i reinitiated my treck to Maumee Bay on SR 2 which is slower than the turnpike.  Highlights included;  seeing lots of friends, meeting Mayra Gonzalez Saldana in person, and getting ice cream after the race at Pearson's.


Another highlight was seeing 3/4 Zangmeisters. Kudos to all my team mates for their great performances today. So much cameraderie from the Cleveland Contingency!