Snake Bite Racing

Tough Race, but I took a nice prime

The race started off on fire.  The 56 man field was blasted down to 30ish riders over the first 15 minutes of the 70 minute race.  I started off in a good position and slowly drifted back to the back of the chase group.  Stayed there basically the entire race until they called a $100 prime with 4 laps to go.  Stuck it out there and clipped 40mph (slight downhill) to take the prime sprint by inches. I had no idea how late in the race we were and ended up burning that last match.  When we rolled through with one to go I was still recovering from that effort and wasn't able to sprint for 14th place or whatever... But the prime was worth a higher payback than 14th, so I 'm glad to have won that and I'm glad that I was able to suffer through and finish the race this year. 

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