Snake Bite Racing

Heat 1 Me 14:54:06

One Hot Day

Ironman Boulder is beautiful.  The volunteers are awesome and the spectators are supportive.

The swim is a single triangle.  The altitude made the swim challenging for me.  I had difficulty finding my stroke.  Once I found it I was comfortable and swam well but futher than necessary  becuase I did not swim straight.

The is 2 loops.  I was in control the first loop but then the temperature increase to about 93 and the wind picked up.  On the second loop I added ice to my nutrition which diluted it too much.  I could not track my intake accurately which was the start of some stomach issues. I felt that overall, I had a solid bike.

The run starts at the reservior and ends in town.  The is a "Y".  It goes through neighborhoods but mostly along a multi-use trail.  I started throwing up before 1 mile and could not keep anything down for the entire run.  So I walk most of it. 

I know I can do better if I can figure out how to manage my nutrition in the heat. 

There was I large drop out percentage in the race.  I am glad I did not toss in the towel.

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