Snake Bite Racing

Stage Race Recap - First ever 1/2 RR Win, a terrible TT, and an okay 2nd day RR

Being an unknown visitor in Western Michigan, I was content to sit in and watch the other racers beat up each other all day.  I did no work for 4/5ths of the race.  When friendly Bikeswrks rider Joe Holmes snuck up the road towards the tail end of lap 4 I knew it was time to go.  I bridged up to him and 6 other riders.  We worked very well together over the last lap and stayed away from the chasing field.  I was surprised that none of the breakaway riders were attacking each other towards the end of the race after we had established a sizeable gap.  I was well rested and perfectly positioned for the sprint finale.  I launched from 300m out and maintained a sizeable gap through the finish line. I was the stage race leader for a moment, but then we had to do a TT... I'm positively terrible at TTs releative to 1/2 racers. Guess I'm the stereotypical sprinter glory boy.

The TT went over terribly as expeceted 16th out of 20. 

The following day's RR went over as good as to be expected.  I don't have the threshold to follow early moves in 65 mile RRs and the early move stayed away.  I had fun hanging with the field and launched from 1k out in order to gap the field over a tricky/unsafe race finish.  Only one rider was able to close my initial gap and I ended up 2nd in the bunch 'sprint' for 10th in the stage three RR and 10th in the GC.  If only it werent for TTs! No more TTs!

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