Snake Bite Racing

4 DFLs but 2nd for the series!

I came in second in the series by virtue of showing up for every race! Very exciting. I came home with about 2/3 of my race entry fees in prize money for the series. That makes up for some of the miserable riding alone.

After some chaos last week about when the last lap was (I wasn't confused, maybe this means I was not working hard enough and thus my brain was functioning better... ot sure), the officials were talked into strict rules on not mixing fields and 1 min difference in start times. This seems crazy to me because there is a significant overlap in skill between the two fields with the 1/2/3 field being barely faster than the top of the 3/4/5 field and me, as the bottom of the 1/2/3 field, being significantly slower than the winning group in the 3/4/5 field. It would be ncie to be able to all start together and sort out into appropriate riding groups. I think there would be fewer people relegated to TT during the crit. In any case, I got dropped on lap 5 and then hung on for the 2nd to last lap when they lapped me. I am curious to see if my power output improved during the series. I am still not sure what to do next year with regards to the 1/2/3 or 3/4/5 fields. It's hard to be a bad 3 with lots of years of experience. I suppose becoming a better road racer is one option. We'll see...

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