Snake Bite Racing

DFL again

I got dropped on lap 2 (I think). I worked well with a racer from Pista Elite (in 3/4/5 field) and eventually hung on to the chase group from my field when we got lapped. It was frustrating to have been dropped so early because I think I probably could have stuck with them if I'd pushed through the misery on the hill I got dropped on.

I wonder how much of my poor crit performance is a brain issue - as in, I can't make my body hurt more to keep on the back of the group when someone makes a break on the hill? Who knows. I was thinking of racing with the 3/4/5 field next year, but their lead group has similar speeds to the 1/2/3 and there is no potential of cash payouts from the war of etrition (I show up more than other people). Maybe next winter I will do base training better. Not doing a marathon in February may help...

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