Snake Bite Racing

All fun and games until......

.....someone crashes and it kills your mojo.

I rode up to the crit again from home as my warmup.  Durno was in attendance and Zac was back in action after a possible recovery week.

I wanted to be smarter this time to so I could stay with the pack longer and possibly for all of the laps.  Things were going well.  Zac, Chris and Luke all made it into the break away group with was around 10 people.  I sat in near the front trying to protect the break and not provide much effort.  A guy from DNA cycling was trying to encourage the group to chase them down but I wasn't gonig to contribute.

A few more people bridged up to the group when two riders went down in the sharp Bassett to Rainey corner.  As we rode up on the crash I bailed and stayed behind to help at the scene.  Tom Keller and Zak Deringer were both down hard.  Tom said his front wheel washed out and he lost control.  He isn't sure what caused the wash out.

No ambulance was called but both had to visit the ER to get checked out. 

After we cleared the scene I didn't have it in me to get back into any group so I rode home.  What I was able to do before the crash I am happy with. 

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