Snake Bite Racing

Where did everyone go????

...or how to get dropped your first time back in the A group.

I'm not new to the A Group. I just haven't been at Westlake Worlds in two one race last year doesn't count.

So I get in the A group with super Snakebiters Chris and Luke. I just wanted to sit in and make it to the end. But someone decided to put the hammer down quickly and make people suffer. Maybe not everyone but definitely me.

I drifted away from the front third to sit in neat the back of the pack. Unfortunately the group was moving so fast before i knew it the last person was passing me.....making me the last person. The high pace took it's toll as I just didn't have enough to latch onto the group and I watched them pull away.

I formed a small group with a Summit guy and Sally Price. Sally and I had a great workout together and enjoyed riding with each other despite some close calls with the Summit guy...just a little sketchy for how we were riding. He got better as he learned the group dynamics.

The lead A group lapped us and I was happy to see Chris and Luke still in the hunt. Luke worked hard to help Chris take the win for the second week.

I still got a great workout and will be a little smarter next week as I try to stay with the A group a little longer. Racing my way into fitness.

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