Snake Bite Racing

Winner, winner chicken dinner

April 18, 2018 - So It was a rainy, cold miserable day to run 20 miles....but as the silver lining I won the race! Woohoo!

It was a long day. Up early to catch the bus to Chardon since this race is a point to point 20 mile run. It was rainy and cold and miserable. Debated sitting it out but I needed a 20 mile fast run for Hall of Fame in 2 weeks so sucked it up and wnt out at half marathon pace to see if I could hold it for 20 and pretty much did (just 5-10 secs slower per mile), probably the last 3 because my quads were cramping from the downhill. It's not all downhill though! Couple big hills you have to run also. Pretty fun to win 1st female in a longer race and some cash! 

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