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My Teammate Scares Me

Swim Run....why not. Because who needs a bike.

Otillo races (swim run events) are in a league of their own.  It's a duathlon replacing the bike with swimming.  But it's not because you swim and run multiple times over the race course. 

Jeff Chalmers and I will be venturing into the world of SwimRun in North Carolina at the end of October.  As a two person team we need to swim-run the course together and be within 10 meters at all times.  Some people even use a teether between teammates to stay together.

We struggled coming up with a team name.  Because of the teether we thought "Prison Break".  But weren't running the Barkleys Marathons.  We also thought of "I Don't Know My Teammate" since for an occasional meeting we didn't know each other.  So we came up with "My Teammate Scares Me".

Any one who knows us both will say, "Scary?!?! Yeah right."  No we are not scary, but we were nervous going into this race not knowing each other very well.  In fact that is exactly why I told Jeff "YES".  I wanted to get outside my comfort zone doing something new with someone new.

We met over beers and talked about a lot of things, very few of which were the race.  My teammate doesn't scare me as much anymore.

But I think he has a serious training advantage over me.  He just finished the Boston Marathon which I will consider his start of SwimRun training.  

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