Snake Bite Racing

Cold race, pathetic time, great finish place

The kids hung out at the pavilion. Lua fell off a log. They were miserable and cold. Josh timed at mile 2. I ran the 5k and had a horrible race (but best at my current fitness). Somehow I won my age group. Clearly the fast runners in my age group ran the 10k.

It was another really cold women's spring run in the park race. We planned to volunteer as a family, but Joanne talked me into running the 5k. Josh was assigned to time at mile 2. Rather than make the kids hang out with Josh on the side of the road for an hour, we had them sit in the pavilion at the start/finish. They were really cold. They whined a lot. I was gone for 30 min and during that time they managed to get people's hand warmers, Lua scratched up her face (thank goodness the people keeping an eye on them didn't notice how bad it was... I'm sure they thought I was a horrible mother as it was), and they generally got really really cold because they refused to run around or ride their bikes. We had to leave before the awards because they were staging a revolt. During that time I ran one of the worst 5k times I have run since I started keeping a log of my times (at least worst without running alongside Colby). Clearly I need to start more speedwork for running if I am going to be competitive at the one or two tris I do this summer. Fortunately Beth was there to pick up my prize and hopefully it will make it to me out here in Oberlin via her daughter. Overall I am happy I participated, proud of my first place finish, and motivated to train harder to improve my time.

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