Snake Bite Racing

A Muddy Fool

Mother nature makes her annual contribution to the Fools Run with 2 inches of rain during the week.

 Camp Manatoc.  Closed, thankfully, to the public except on the few occasions it is opened for events like Tents and Trails.  This year, the Fools Run was here and I thought (mistakenly), that those closed trails should mean that despite the rain during the week that the trails would be in much better condition for longer.  Wrong.  Absolutely, dead wrong.  It was slip and slide conditions, a long mudbog by SR 303, and lots of tree-hugging (to save oneself from falling) goodness.  The redeemer for this mucky mess?  The area is gorgeous and well worth it, though I did feel for the badasses trying to do 50k .  We wound up having a great day to race, and that's what really counts.  

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