Snake Bite Racing

Shamrock 15K

Race recap

2/26/18 we tried a cortisone injection in my hip in the hopes that I would be able to train with less pain. It is not a fix, only a bandiaid, but I'll take it! I am ecstatic with the results! I woke up the next morning with NO PAIN! That is something I haven't experienced in over a year! Training runs have been going well so I decided to run this race with friends. I have mostly been on the Towpath, so I wanted to see how much muscular strength and climbing ability I had lost in my hiatus from running. It was a beautiful day out! The course is challenging and I was looking forward to it! Brent Balika and I ran together for the beginning of the race. As we headed down Quick Rd he asked if I intended to keep the pace up that we were at; I just smiled and said I was going to do what I could:) He has been a great training partner and we push each other well! I felt good and strong and warned him I didn't know what to expect when we hit North Hampton and not to let me hold him up. I intended to walk the steep beginning of the climb after a few hundred feet. Once it levels off some at the guard rail I started jogging again. I took a few walking breaks at the water stops but otherwise was quite pleased with how things went. Brent and I played cat and mouse up North Hampton and Steels Corners. Around mile 8 I felt a slight twinge in my hip so I slowed down, walked a bit and just took it easy. No sense in pushing...this was just for fun. It wasn't pain, so it wasn't long till I started running again. We made the last turn to the finish and I could see Brent was only about a mailbox in front of me. Of course I couldn't let him beat me since I had been ahead of him most of the race! haha! I caught up with him and we crossed the finish line together:) It was a great day!

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