Snake Bite Racing

Battle of the Old Dogs

Billed as the battle of Snakebite - Mark Durno and Eric Gibb go head to head.

This was my first time racing the Twilight Tri.  My last indoor tri was 6 - 7 years ago.  I don't even remember.  This was going to be a fun race.

Mickey was so excited for Mark and I to race head to head.  Mark and I raced in the first wave and Mickey put us in the same swim lane.  This is normal because Mark and I swim in the same lane at masters. 

We started the swim and were side-by-side the entire way.  A total of 1400 yards in 20 minutes...we were the top sharks in the pool.

Near the end of the swim my right calf was starting to cramp from pushing off the wall for 20 minutes.  The cramp followed me all the way to the bike where I had to keep a high cadence to prevent further cramping.  20 minutes of sweaty hell on the bike.  I had the 5th best bike distance averaging 231 watts.

One to the run.  Only 20 more minutes.  I started the run on Marks shoulder but after two laps realized I could not hold his pace.  His run shape is great.  I let Mark go and settled into my own pace.  Mark managed to lap me twice but I was fine with that.

Won the age group and was 4th overall for the evening.

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