Snake Bite Racing

Ooops I parked in the wrong place

I messed up and we parked too far away and were late for the start and the police didn't want to let the kids on the course without numbers. What a mess! The start of Amanda's bad culture shock period! But we all finished happily.

The kids rode scooters and Josh and I ran with our friend, Magda, in this "happy run" associated with a marathon. It was advertised as 5 km, then said it was 6 km on the paperwork we got and ended up being 4.7 km. Lots of local running groups came out for it and they ran all at the same speed in formation chanting. It was a bit like  military training groups and altogether very entertaining. But since the kids weren't registered, I was concerned that we were going to get in trouble so I had to keep Lua (who I was with) in the middle of the crowds to avoid the cops... First bandit race for the kids. :)

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