Snake Bite Racing

Trail racing is really fun!

We did a 15 k trail race as our "turkey trot" this year and I loved it! I want to do more trail racing!

Remember how I said that the trail marathon I did nearly two years ago was tons of climbing? It had nothing on the race we did the Saturday after Thanksgiving. In at 15 km race there were 800 m of climbing (and thus descending, since it was a loop). I couldn't walk for 3 days. But I had SO MUCH FUN and we are going to do another trail race in the same area just before spring semester starts (2/23 for a trail half). If I hadn't been sick I could probably have finished a few places better since there were only 2 minutes between 4th and 7th woman. And with smarter training, maybe I could have been on the podium? That would have required taking more than 6 minutes off my time, though. More stairs, lunges (standing and jumping), squats (standing and jumping) in my future training I think. And a mask because the air has gotten really bad and I can't stomach the idea of running for 3 hours on a treadmill.

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