Snake Bite Racing


This course was a series of inclines/declines connected by straightaways. On the morning of race day, much to TEAM USA's surprise, it was wetsuit illegal. The water actually felt fine. My swim didn't feel super good, but not super bad, either. i was so nervous that my back tire wasn't holding air; that I had my tire changed in transition for 10 euro by the official bike support. I was glad I did, because the last thing you want to happen in a big race is to have a flat tire.

I managed to draft off an Aussie for the 1st lap.  She was appararnetly in a younger age group.  Then, I managed to draft off of a Swiss for the 2nd lap.  My foot was hurting when I started out on the run.  But, in the end, I didn't really have to walk.  I knew there was a really steep incline near the olympic museum and I was nervous about it; but I didn't fare too poorly.  A  Mexican woman I had met  a few days earlier did pass me on the run.

Overall, I was happy with my time.  Comparatively, i did slightly better in Austrailia, but I was in the top 3 of my age group,...I don't recall the specific place, except that I was 6/15 TEAM USA people in my AG.

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