Snake Bite Racing

Swim bike shuffle

October 03, 2019 - Swim 1:05:57, bike 4:48:35, run 4:34:54

I Signed up for IMMD after a disappointing race in Lake Placid 2 months prior. I thought I had the fitness at IMLP but had some mechanical and nutrition problems and I was on the hunt for redemption in Maryland. Despite pulling numerous jelly fish through my fingers like cold spaghetti I kept the swim smooth and controlled. Swim time was touch faster than IMLP, but I actually felt better coming out of the water this time. Excited to take on the fast and flat bike course, I set out at what I thought was a fairly conservative power target. At the early out-and-back I counted 94 riders ahead of me. I kept track of my overall place as I steadily moved up through the field through the first 60 miles to keep me motivated. By mile 70-80 I was certainly starting to feel the the fatigue of repetitive pedaling with no terrain variation adding up. I backed off the power a touch, and rode into T2 with a 4:48:36 bike split I was quite pleased with. I had moved up to 36 position overall, and 8th in AG. Unfortunately, my legs were feeling heavy and I could get into a groove running. I made it about 4 miles before taking walking breaks and it was downhill from there. Similar to IMLP, I couldn’t Stomach any nutrition without upsetting my stomach anymore. 


The Ironamn race is a humbling experience. If I’ve learned anything over 3 attempts and 3 failed runs it is “respect the distance”. I’ll be back to try again. But it won’t be anytime  soon. I’m ready to recover from a long season , enjoy some downtime, and then focus on some cycling and shorter distance Tri next year.

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