Snake Bite Racing

Longest Distance to Date

A hot, challenging day for my highest mileage to date.

 This race has been on my calendar for months, with the goal of 50 miles as the target.  If there's a race where that can be done sucessfully, it's this one.  That is, unless the weather thumbs its nose at you.  Last year conditions were perfect at 65 degrees and sunny.  87 degrees and humid is quite another story.  Dave and I developed a strategy early on to manage the heat by running 2 laps and then walking 1, to allow our heart rates to come down and body to recover.  This worked really well for a long time, until the heat in the afternoon just got oppressive.  Lots of runners retreated to their cars to lie down in the air conditioning for a while.  Ultimately, I tapped out at mile 40 since my heart rate was climbing steadily and my salt levels were completely depleated.  I am not disappointed with the effort at all, as more favorable conditions would have let me hit my goal.  All in all, happy with the day.  

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