Snake Bite Racing

A 25K rock garden!

As the course description says, it's mostly wooded single-track trail next to lakes, streams, and waterfalls, with some hills, rocks, roots, and some pavement. 86% trails, 14% smooth pavement. I would add the work 'rocky' to the mostly part of this description. Also, the 'some' hills are big sharp accents that will keep you wishing you had trekking poles with you. So yes, the course is very scenic, but look away for a second and down you would go. I didn't fall, but a few people did while looking up at the lake, river, bridges, or dam. Overall I had a great time and running in a different park was very refreshing. The aid stations where filled with great volunteers, and the food section was good. The finish line was at the old log cabin on the side of the road, and it was filled with fresh hot pizza from a local place. Yum, Yum!!

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