Snake Bite Racing

Time to go fast

This was a last minute decision when my work schedule changed.

Why not do a sprint.  It is short and over quickly....if 1:20 is quick.  Much better than the Ironman Wisconsin that would take over 11 hours.

So I signed up looking to secure an invitation to Milwaukee Nationals.  Why not get it out of the way now and focus on training next year.  I didn't think Kevin Smyth would be there having just returned from Worlds in Switzerland.    Yeah...guess who showed up.  Kevin kicked ass and passed me shortly into the bike.

I kept it steady o the bike and tried to give the run everything I had.  Messed up the button on my watch and my T2 turned out to be 24 minutes long.  So no run splits but the result is what matters. 

Not sure if 3rd AG or 8th OA will get my a Nationals invitation but this race is a good base for future training.

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