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Forget the PR's Gnarly Younger Sibling

Welcome to the Jungle

This was the first year for the Tuscazoar 100, 50, and 25 mile race, consisting of 25 mile loops around Camp Tuscazoar and the surrounding communities. It was advertised as a mix of singletrack, towpath, and old rail beds.  The front half was nice, rolling single track that put us out onto the rail beds and towpath, looped around historic Zoar, and was very pleasant.  Then it got real.  Like the record needle skipping off your recording of Handel's Water Music and cuing up Welcome to the Jungle instead.  The back half is where the similarities to Forget the PR became obvious.  All of the climbing was the back 12 miles and much of it straight up and straight down when it wasn't winding around on technical singletrack.  As tough as it was, the volunteers and race directors were top notch, and we had perfect weather.  I'll not say no to this race again.  

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