Snake Bite Racing

BR Leg 3 2019

BR is my favorite weekend of the year! With the change in course this year to an out-and-back and our aid station being overnight this year was a completely different experience! I picked leg 3 since I was working a double shift Fri and wouldn’t get home before 1a Sat. This gave me some time to sleep, in theory. We coordinated with our 4 person team and JC was a huge help in shuttling runners all race! Once the messages started coming in I was too excited to sleep! Got up and showered and parked my loaded vehicle at Botzum as I had to head there as soon as I finished my leg. I had no idea what to expect from leg 3 other then knowing the location of my aid stations so I had a rough idea. Started off for a few miles on the Towpath and then jumped into the cornfields of Szalays. Talk about shoe sucking mud! It was getting hot and the full sun was intense. We crossed Akron-Peninsula and got onto Wetmore Trail, which I had never run before. I enjoyed it! Got some shade and some decent climbs and downhills. Crossed Quick and through the Pine Hollow aid station. I saw Jen B and she told me Mel was just a few minutes ahead of me (she was running her first 50 miler). I usually train on the trails around Pine Hollow so I am familiar. I was glad to be running Salt backwards from my normal direction! The descents were quick but took a toll on my quads. I caught up to Mel and checked in with her for a few minutes. Such a rockstar! On one of the descents I slipped and bumped my watch (almost off my quick release). I got to the cc sound of music hills and was wondering when the heck I would hit my next mile and realized when I slipped my watch had stopped so I lost about a mile. It was hot in the sun and my legs were burning on those hills. I can’t train on the trails anymore and this was kicking my butt! Got back into the woods and then finished up at Kendall Lake. I enjoyed the leg and would run it again! Met with my next relay runner was off to the aid station to get set up. Usually I love to be out and crew and hang out with my team all day and night. I usually shuttle and coordinate all those details. This year was just different but still an amazing experience. I am in awe and amazed by those who run the 50 and 100 miles! Well done WWR and congrats to all the runners!

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