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Upcoming Races

08/18/2019 EOTT
08/11/2019 USAT Age Group National Championships - Sprint
08/03/2019 OH State Time Trial Championships

Past Races

07/21/2019 Pirate Triathlon
06/30/2019 Sheffield Lake Triathlon 1 AG
06/16/2019 EOTT #3 1 AG/2 OA
05/19/2019 Cleveland Marathon 28 AG
05/05/2019 Presque Isle Time Trial 2 AG
04/06/2019 Spring in the Park Women's 5k/10k 1 AG
03/10/2019 Kiss Me I'm a Runner 5k 2 AG
02/23/2019 Olde Girdled Grit 8 AG
12/09/2018 Jingle Bell Run 4 AG
12/01/2018 Miracle on Erie Street 5k 2 AG
10/07/2018 Cleveland Heights Happy 5k and 10k 1 AG
09/30/2018 Chagrin Falls Film Festival 5k 4 AG
08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint) NA
08/11/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships NA
07/22/2018 Lighthouse Triathlon 3 AG
06/03/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Durban South Africa 35 AG
05/20/2018 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon / Half Marathon 10 AG
04/29/2018 Hall of Fame Half Marathon 8 AG
04/08/2018 Towpath Half Marathon
Race Recap
2 AG
02/04/2018 Wildcat Super Bowl Triathlon 6 OA
01/30/2018 Greater Cleveland Food Bank Volunteer NA
12/02/2017 Miracle on Erie Street 5k 2 AG
11/19/2017 CWRR Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon
Race Recap
9 AG

Natalie Wakulchik

Gates Mills, Ohio

Main FocusI absolutely love triathlon but running's been calling my name a little loudly lately...
Bucket List RaceMy bucket list is every race I have not yet done.
Post-Race DrinkThe flavor of the day.
Off-Day ActivityTending to my monarchs and honey bees, all kinds of gardening, baking, birding, getting into trouble with Paul.

Starting as a runner in high school, I've been participating in triathlon for over 18 years.

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